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  • Curious Libido and Arousal Electuaries
  • Elizabeth Moriarty

Curious Libido and Arousal Electuaries

Curious Libido and Arousal Electuaries

We’re delighted to offer three highly-anticipated new formulas. As always, our formulas are the result of thorough research, with much digging into published, peer-viewed study alongside our knowledge of traditional languages of herbal medicine. Aphrodisia in history is a particularly intriguing topic, precisely as you might imagine~ and we look forward to sharing stories with you.

Why three formulas? 

Libido and arousal are different aspects of sexuality. Libido is desire. It’s hunger that arises, unprovoked, vital and seeking. It’s the signature condition of youthful adulthood, so it should be unsurprising that many herbs that sponsor a vigorous libido are also used to promote long life. Botanicals that prompt libido are most often used for both women and men.  

Arousal is another matter - related, of course, but the distinction is crucial.  Arousal is an awakening, a mind and body response to erotic suggestion, whether it be a glance, an idea presented, an image or a touch. When rousing the body to engage with prowess, both tradition and research discern between the sexes, and identify different herbs for men and women. 

The human creature has long been fascinated by aphrodisiacs, what with our obsession with sex, love and immortality. And notice, sexual vitality is correlated with youth and longevity in both myth and medicine ~ for good reason. 

As always, we rely on our combined knowledge of ancient lore, traditional medicine and modern science to formulate our own renditions of classic love medicines. 

We offer Libido & Vitality, for Everybody, in support of strong erotic appetites and long life. Who wouldn’t benefit? 

Then, Encounter for Women and Virility & Performance for Men are formulated to provide botanical support for your capacity to engage sexually, to support the physiological flow, engorgement and heightened sensitivity of bodily arousal. These are the formulas that allow you to fully experience and enjoy. 

Our electuaries support your libido and arousal through daily use. Choose one formula, or two, based upon your body and your needs. 


What’s an electuary? 

It’s a traditional way of delivering a medicine, where powdered herbs are mixed with honey, or other sweet syrup, to make a thick paste. The word electuary comes from the Latin ēlēctuārium, and the Greek ēkleikton, derived from ekleikhein, meaning, “to lick out.”

It’s more readily absorbed than capsules and tablets, which break down slowly, sometimes poorly - and sometimes, not at all. Honey itself is full of enzymes that aid in digestion, and spur the body to produce more digestive enzymes. Research shows that binders in tablets and flow-agents in gelatin capsules interfere with absorption, sometimes reducing actual bioavailability to 10-20%. You don’t get the benefit of herbs or supplements that you don’t digest.

Capsules and tablets can also lead to stomach upset, including nausea, particularly in more sensitive people, whereas electuaries are comfortably consumed on a teaspoon that can be taken directly on the tongue, added to a hot beverage, or included in a smoothie. Taken in an electuary, bioavailability of the herbal nutrients is enhanced through improved digestion and metabolism. 

It’s important to note that our electuaries are composed of both botanical powders and botanical extract powders, depending on the desired potencies and the preferred form of each of our plant ingredients. A botanical powder is a 1:1 concentrate, while botanical extract powders are made by first extracting the desired constituents in water, or alcohol/water, and then drying and powdering the extraction. This can be accomplished in a manner that significantly concentrates the phytoconstituents. The end result is that our electuaries are highly concentrated with botanical nutrients in the most digestible, bioavailable form. 

You know what they say about a spoonful of honey. You’ll find ours is potent, effective, and ~ tasty. 

You may even find yourself craving it. We do. 

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    Elizabeth Moriarty

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